All our services are designed to encompass all activities required by a vessel that needs services without

having to enter a port. RODITIS SHIPPING AGENCY will ensure the stay is as short and efficient as possible.

Pre Arrival services performed before vessel arrival at agreed rendezvous area are designed to ensure vessel

ready for services as follows:

  • Confirmation to our customers that we are ready and able to take on their appointment.
  • A firm cost indication (Proforma Disbursement Account).
  • Off port limits operations take place from end of sea passage, continuously until vessel resumes sea passage for next destination.
  • Various services can be performed, depending on individual customer's specific needs, and include: Monitoring of 3rd party performance in delivery of products/services required by customer.
  • Coordination of launch services to reduce costs.
  • Info row to customers and keeping them updated on services ordered and related expenses. Issue and complete relevant port operation documentation.


Your Port Agent . . .

As your  Port Agent we will be  appointed as your representative as a vessel operators / owners to facilitate the safe and efficient arrival, working, and departure of your vessels in any port. We understand the different characteristics of each type of vessel and the various cargoes, along with national and international legislation and regulations governing ships and cargoes.We understand the role of all the participants in the process and be able to complete all the required documentation promptly and efficiently .

RODITIS SHIPPING AGENCY as your Port Agent has   sufficient knowledge of vessel operations and cargoes and we are  able to manage any unforeseen challenges and changes. We work alone at times and as a member of a team and the role will likely involve working unsociable hours.

Your Port Agent 24|7|365


RODITIS SHIPPING AGENCY offers very competitive Agency Fees to Ship Owners or International Organisations who are looking for a trustful company to protect their interests in the local markets of KOREA , CHINA , SINGAPORE , INDONESIA , PHILIPPINES , YEMEN , DJIBOUTI , LEBANON and EGYPT . Our company offers all services which will make your operation a successful one . Either you are a Ship Owner , Cargo Owner , Crew Manning , Ship Manager , International Forwarder , An NGO or a Governmental Organisation we are here for you .

Bellow are a part of our services :

Our experience has shown that the essence of a successful shipping line lies not just in a comprehensive portfolio of ships , charterers or brokers , management companies or operators but also in a personalized service of a flexible and efficient ship agent.

  • Loading / Discharge Supervision | Supply of Cranes , Barges , Conveyors , Warehouses 
  • Port Operations , Stevedores Negotiation and Contracting 
  • Crew Services including Manning , Crew Sign On/Off , Medical Emergencies , Repatriation
  • Delivery of Spares and Manpower in Remote Areas including workshops
  • Delivery of New Purchased Ship ,  Pre-Purchase Inspections , Provisional Registrations
  • Long or Short Term Charter of Supply & Crew Transport Vessels , Tug Boats , AHTS , Barges 
  • Towage , Salvage and Recovery Negotiating and Contracting 
  • We undertake Special Operations and Dangerous Goods Projects
  • One Way Voyage for Demolition Ship Registration etc 

Here are some of the ships we were the agents of and some of our principals :

Is your Company or Organisation in Need Of an International Agency which can protect your interests , supervise your operation and act as Owner's Representative in Far & Middle East ? 

Is your Company or Organisation in Need Of an International Agency which can protect your interests , supervise your operation and act as Owner's Representative in Far & Middle East ? 

Countries Where we Operate 

Main duties of our agency while working with our principals are :

  • Booking of marine pilots / tugboat services
  • Confirming locking / berthing times and mooring services.  
  • Completion of customs / immigration documentation.
  • Maintaining an overview of cargo loading or discharging operations
  • Arranging provision of stores, fuel, spare parts or drinking water.
  • Continually updating all interested parties on progress of vessel / operations.
  • Inwards / Outwards Clearance
  • Customs Formalities
  • Provisions.
  • Bunkering Services (Transit Fuel).
  • Towage.
  • Pilotage.
  • Potable Water Supply.
  • Crew Services.
  • Cargo Loading / Discharge Supervision.
  • Passenger Services.
  • Documents Forwarding.
  • Cargo Handling.
  • Minor Technical Services Available.
  • Priority Spare Parts Pick-up.
  • Water Taxi.
  • Bonded Warehouse Freight Forwarding
Ship agency and marine services in Rhodes , Greece