Since the Greek Government decided to completely reform the Sea Tourism and Yachting Legislation in Greece we all witnessed the impact that this reform brought to our business. Enforcement of LAW 4256/2014 as amended by LAW 4504/2017 and directives which followed those laws have made legitimate yacht chartering impossible in Greece unless the yacht has valid Greek Charter License . However to have a Greek Charter license it is not an easy procedure as the yacht needs to be Commercial and a Greek VAT Number or Greek (AFM) Tax registration of the owner or manager should be issued . At the moment Greek Authorities do not have the "Fast Track Charter License" procedure consequently all interested parties who are intending to be engaged in legitimate yacht chartering in Greece have to follow the bellow three essential steps :

Step No 1
Have a commercial yacht under EU flag of any size or built material or a Non-EU Commercial Yacht over 35 meters vuilt our of Steel or GRP.

Step No 2
Receive Greek Tax Registration
(Either through a Greek Company or a branch office of any EU Company)

Step No 3
Receive Yacht Charter License .

All above are issues that make yacht owners from around the world to be sceptical about chartering in Greece , some by pass the procedures and unfortunately huge penalties occurred and long lasting and cost effective legal issues and court cases took are taken place .

Now you don't have to worry . Being in the Maritime and Sea Tourism business since 1989 my colleagues and myself decided to establish a branch in our company to act more than a consulting firm and in fact undertake all procedures from Yacht Registration as Commercial in Greece to TAX Registration and arrangements to be issued Greek Yacht Charter License . And our services will continue in taking care of all your needs in Accounting , VAT Filing , Charter Administration Services and more .

There are two main categories for yacht registration in Greece and both are separated in two sub categories . Over 24 meters and under 24 meters . Sub Category is both to be carrying equal or under 12 passengers or over 12 passengers .

The categories are the following :

  1. Yachts under 24 meters and up to 12 passengers .
  2. Yachts under 24 meters and over 12 passengers.
  3. Yachts over 24 meters and up to 12 passengers.
  4. Yachts over 24 meters and over 12 passengers.

  1. Yacht Registration to clearly mentioned that the yacht is commercial .
  2. Yacht Safety Certificate
  3. A certificate which is issued locally called : Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate .
  1. Register the owner (Private Individual or Company) in Greek Tax office and be granted Tax Registration Number (VAT Registration) .
  2. Import the Yacht Through Customs  and be granted Import Certification (The Import will be made VAT Free)
  3. Issue of Measurement Certificate 
  4. Issue of Registration as a Commercial Yacht 
  5. Appoint a Classification Society to Issue Statutory Certificates such as Protocol Of General Inspection for Passenger Safety and other certificates according to the yacht's category .

Following documents are needed for the company to apply for the Greek Yacht Charter License :

  1. Tax office extract that the company is active and has declared as trade activity Yacht Chartering , Yacht Charter Services or other similar activities .
  2. Company documents .
  3. Duly filled application form .
  4. The charter license fee is € 500 and it is valid for 3 years .

Our experience over the years in Greece has shown us that a foreign yacht owner needs to be offered clear and detailed information before he decides to start chartering in Greece . All costs should be known well in advance and to have a trustful partner to take care of all logistics , accounting and administration procedures .

This is what we do .

For legitimate charters in Greece according to the Greek Law 4256/2014 as amended by law 4504/2017

In principal the following yachts can apply and be issued Greek Yacht Charter License :

  1. All EU Flag Yachts which are Certified as Commercial Yachts according to their Flag State's Regulations .
  2. All Non-EU Flag Yachts Certified as Commercial Yachts according to their Flag State subject to be over 35 meters and build of Steel or GRP 

As every case is unique and every yacht has its own characteristics we will be very happy and prompt to offer you the total cost and documents required provide that you will send us your detailed requirement by email .

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