PRICE OF € 450 Includes :

  • Radio License for 10 years 
  • MMSI
  • Standard Mail Service 
  • USA Registered Address 

Maritime call signs are call signs assigned as unique identifiers to ships and boats. Have your own personal Call Sign Identification  while broadcasting .  

Buy your full Package Now for only € 450 for 10 years with No Annual Fees
The full package costs € 450 and it includes the 10 Year Valid Radio License , MMSI and Call Sign .
In the price we cover standard Mail Cost . If you wish DHL/FEDEX/UPS the costs will be extra .

USA Official Ship Station License (Valid for 10 Years) - Includes MMSI & CALL SIGN


Obtain your Ship Compulsory Equipped (SB)" license and Radio Station Authorization through our agency from the relevant USA Federal Authorities . This way you will have the freedom to sail or cruise with legal documents on board your yacht presentable to all Port State Control Officers , Port Master's and SAR Authorities . 

MMSI is a unique 9-digit number that is assigned to a vessel's marine radio equipment. It is Internationally standardised and managed by the International Telecommunications Union (ICU). 

It can be critical for travel in both domestic and international waters as it helps emergency services to accurately identify you and/or your vessel.

Every radio station on board a ship must be licensed by the vessel's flag authority. Operating such equipment without a licence is illegal and may create issues with local authorities especially .

Our agency offers services to issue Radio Station Licenses .



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